Begin by gently brushing the beard to remove dandruff and sebum and ensure that the skin is well-scrubbed, using a brush with firm bristles.
 Proceed by wetting the beard thoroughly before cleansing, applying shampoo & conditioner. Gently rub in and rinse with warm water, then dry well to remove most of the water still trapped in the hair.


 Apply a few drops of shaving oil. Its natural oils will enable you to restructure and soften the beard without making it oily, ensuring that it is easier to style. Pour a few drops onto the hands, rubbing well to warm up the oil and bring out its scent and properties. Apply it all over the beard, not forgetting the moustache. The oil must also touch and moisturise the skin underneath


 In this phase it is important to brush, not comb! The teeth of the comb, if too close together, could tear the hair out, unlike the brush, which is made of bristles that massage and caress the beard. The bristles help to spread and even out the oil previously applied. The result will be a clean, shiny, tidy beard. A desirable side effect is the skin massage incorporated in the process. The spiky bristles stimulate the skin concealed at different levels under the beard. It is therefore important to find a brush with bristles able to penetrate the beard.
A tip for all those with beards: treat yourself to a trip to your trusted barber at least once a month.

Extra Purissima


The production process used to make Cella Shaving Cream Soap is an artisanal procedure that still complies with the original manufacturing process dating back to 1899. The inimitable Cream is the embodiment of ultimate quality, thanks to its carefully selected raw materials, the hot mixing phase in a steam boiler, the saponification process, performed with ultra-pure lyes in precise quantities, and the slow maturing phase in a temperature-controlled environment.
This is the secret behind an artisanal production process which, for over 100 years, has respected a philosophy of excellence defined by Master Soap Makers as EXTRA EXTRA PURISSIMA.


Active ingredients


We dedicate the utmost care and attention to selecting the very best quality of raw materials






Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Frequently asked question

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.